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……Rice-Glass Hair & Body Kit


….Rice-Shine Shampoo


Coconut Peptide Strength & Shine Complex Shampoo


Essential Anti Lice Oil


GSV Hair Growth and Shining Cream

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Hair Perfect Shampoo

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JBco Oil


Keratin Daily Shampoo


Lice-Ex Shampoo

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Oil Plus Hair Therapy Shampoo


Perfect Hair Day (P.H.D) Hair Mask

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Reborn The Hair Loss Treatment

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Shop Natural, Organic Hair Care Online in Pakistan

BnB Derma presents our Nourish Organics range – an expertly crafted line of organic hair care products designed to nourish and transform Pakistani hair. 

Our formulas feature shampoos, serums, butter, and oils made from only the finest natural, ethically sourced ingredients to promote hair health and beauty without harsh chemicals. 

Cold-pressed nutrient-rich oils like argan, almond, and coconut work in harmony with plant extracts to inject moisture, strength, and shine into dull, damaged strands. By harnessing the beautifying properties of nature, we help hair of all types achieve its optimal state of softness, silkiness, and luster. 

Our quality organic ingredients repair damage, increase growth, and restore a vibrant, youthful look from root to tip. Transform your hair care routine today with BnB Derma’s Nourish Organics – created especially for Pakistani hair needs using the healing goodness of nature.

Why Our Organic Formulas Work

Powered by nutrient-rich oils like argan, almond, and coconut, our organic hair products tackle damage, dryness, thinning, and more.

  • Moroccan argan oil, abundant in vitamins E and fatty acids, hydrates hair and enhances shine
  • Sweet almond oil nourishes and strengthens strands from root to tip
  • Coconut oil protects against breakage while locking in moisture

Together, these cold-pressed ingredients restore softness, silkiness, and vitality to hair – without harsh sulfates, parabens, and chemicals.

Our Range of Organic Hair Solutions

We offer a wide selection of natural hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments catered to all Pakistani hair needs.

Defense Against Hair Fall & Thinning

  • Onion seed oil, rosemary oil, and redensyl to stimulate follicles
  • Bhringraj oil and hair masks to inhibit loss and encourage regrowth

Hydration For Dry, Frizzy Hair

  • Avocado, banana, and coconut hair masks inject moisture
  • Argan hair butter leaves strands silky smooth

Damage Repair From Styling & Chemicals

  • Keratin-infused serums and leave-in conditioners
  • Heat protectant formulas shield against hot tools

Customizable Hair Care Sets

Build your hair care bundles with our customizable wellness sets – mix and match formulas for your specific hair goals.

Experience Visibly Healthier, Stronger Hair

Nourish your strands with Pakistan’s best organic hair care brand. Our natural oils, masks, shampoos, and treatments restore hair’s health and beauty from root to tip. Reorder favorites for wholesale savings.

Shop BnB Derma’s organic hair solutions today!