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….Rice-Glass Sheet Mask


..Neck Repair Cream


.Peptide Boost Moisturizer


Aqua Hand & Face

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Aqua Soft Cream

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Footcare Cream

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Fruittane Banana & Vanilla Body Lotion

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Fruittane Banana & Vanilla Body Wash & Shower Gel

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Fruittane Coconut Lime Body & Hand Lotion

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Fruittane Coconut Lime Body Wash & Shower Gel

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Fruittane Orange & Ginger Body &Hand Lotion

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Fruittane Orange & Ginger Body Wash & Shower Gel

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Buy Online Best Moisturizers for Skin in Pakistan

Unveil the secret to smooth and supple skin with our curated selection of the best moisturizers for dry skin. Experience deep hydration and long-lasting comfort as you choose the ideal face moisturizer for your needs.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine with the Best Moisturizer for Your Face

Revitalize your skin with the goodness of our top-notch face moisturizers. Whether you have dry, sensitive, or combination skin, our range of products caters to diverse skin types, ensuring you find the perfect match for ultimate hydration.

Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Indulge your skin with the care it deserves. Our specially formulated moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin offer a soothing embrace, leaving your skin feeling nurtured and protected. Discover the power of gentle hydration.

Explore the Perfect Hydrating Moisturizer

Embrace the feeling of refreshed and radiant skin with our range of hydrating moisturizers. Experience a surge of moisture that lasts all day, transforming your skincare routine into a spa-like experience.

Moisturizing Cream for the Face

Unlock the potential of a vibrant complexion with our selection of moisturizing creams for the face. Whether you’re dealing with dryness, sensitivity, or a combination of skin concerns, our creams offer a harmonious blend of hydration and nourishment.

Moisturizer Cream for Dry Skin

Bid farewell to dry and uncomfortable skin with our dedicated moisturizer creams for dry skin. Experience a luxurious, velvety texture that pampers your skin while restoring its natural moisture balance.

The Best Moisturizer Cream

Give your skin a treat it deserves with the best moisturizer creams available. Catering to various skin types, our creams provide a tailored solution for achieving a youthful, hydrated, and radiant complexion.

Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Combat excess oil without compromising hydration. Discover our collection of the best moisturizers for oily skin, specially designed to provide a matte finish while keeping your skin nourished.

Best Face Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin

Soothe and comfort your skin with the best face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin. Experience relief from dryness while enjoying the benefits of a formulation that respects your skin’s sensitivity.

Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Strike the perfect balance with our best moisturizer for combination skin. Embrace the harmony of hydration without clogging pores, giving your skin a confident and luminous appearance.

Gel-Based Moisturizer

Experience the refreshing burst of moisture with our gel-based moisturizers. Lightweight and invigorating, these moisturizers cater to various skin needs, leaving you with a revitalized and revitalizing glow.